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Pati Election Commission Denied disqualifying PDIP Candidate

Disputes Election Results of the Regional Head Election of Pati regency, Central Java, was held again in the trial in the Constitutional Court (MK), Tuesday (08/09/2011). Hearings conducted by the Panel of Judges chaired by Achmad Sodiki, accompanied by Ahmad Fadil Sumadi and Harjono, scheduled to hear the answer to the Respondent of the General Elections Commission (KPU) of Pati District, heard the testimonies of the Related Party, and Evidence.
Responding to the request Slamet Warsito-Srimulyani (Applicant case Number 81/PHPU.D-IX/2011), Pati Commission through its legal counsel, Umar Ma’ruf in his exception plead obscure (obscuur libel). "In the petition, the Petitioner does not refer to problems associated with its pure PHPU. Postulated is related to the violations that are structural problems, systematic, and massive, "said Umar.
Umar also break proposition of Slamet Warsito-Srimulyani petition on the issue of the minutes of the recapitulation of the results of Election. Starch Commission has done his duty is to give a recap of the minutes of the five pairs of candidates who attended. "Petitioner is present at the recapitulation, but then not finished already out. So of course we can not provide. Then we came to the witness stand than the Applicant. Applicants and witnesses are not willing to accept the minutes of this recapitulation, "added Omar.
In addition, the Commission also denied the argument of Slamet- Warsito-Srimulyani quick count conducted on KPU Pati. "What we do is temporary calculations. And while we do the calculation for 83% of polling stations, instead of 100%, "said Umar.
Then, issues related to polling stations in the yard the village chief, Omar explains the absence of prohibition in this regard. "The existing prohibition as PKPU No. 72 of 2009 is a place of worship, including the pages is not justifiable to use as polling stations," said Umar. Starch Commission also confirmed not aware of any mobilization of civil servants and the use of State facilities. He said he pleaded not get clarification from Election Supervisory Committee of Pati.

Internal problems of PDIP
In the same occasion the Commission of Pati also want to respond to the request of Imam Suroso-Sujoko (Applicant case Number 82/PHPU.D-IX/2011). KPU Pati insisted was never going to make a disqualification or abort candidates Imam Suroso-Sujoko. Commission recognizes the Imam Suroso-Sujoko is going to candidates who have proposed and registered by the DPC PDIP Starch at the time of registration dated May 5, 2011.
Then by the DPC PDIP during repair, replacement with new candidates filed. This new replacement candidates in accordance with the provisions of Article 60 paragraph (3) of Law Number 12 Year 2008. "So it must be understood PDI-P is an internal issue, not a question of the relationship between the Petitioner and the Regency of Pati," said Umar.
Next Umar Ma’ruf, attorney KPU Pati detailed their verification stage chronology of Imam Suroso-Sujoko pair. On May 11, 2011, Umar said, there are messengers from the candidate pairs will be present to the Commission, which will complete the files. "But because it is not on time, then we can not accept," said Umar.
"Because the present is the Chairman and Secretary of the DPC PDIP Pati District then that we received the replacement candidate, and this also in the framework of the precautionary principle we consulted the Central Election Commission, and the Central Election Commission declared, meet the provisions in this law , so we implement this, "said Umar. (Nur Rosihin Ana / mh/

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